Teen pregnancies likely to rise during lock-down


COMMENT | Primah Kwagala | It is Easter Sunday and there was no church or the hullaballoo of Kampalans running up and about in their Sunday best to fill churches. Not many people have made a fuss about not being able to do that on social media either. Some one has called it a ‘scientific Easter Sunday’. The longest holiday each year is seemingly going unnoticed.

Over the past few days I was thinking about teenagers. How are they copying? I have read of numerous accounts of parents trying to keep them occupied as they struggle through the unending boredom. For those that are in slums, many a time have no option but to build friendships with neighbors.

Does any one think about youths in army barracks, refugee camps, shelters and prisons?

I have a friend who once shared a story growing up with a mother in an army barracks outside Kampala. This friend confided that they barely had enough to eat, slept in small spaces (uni-ports) and often heard their parents have sex!

This family’s girls got married by the age of 15. My friend accounts that it was often uncomfortable hearing their parents do this and more times than not witnessed the activity but every one in the house carried themselves as if they had no idea what was going on.


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