Upholding Personal Rights: Opposing Islamic University in Uganda Mandatory Pregnancy Testing for University Students



Upholding Personal Rights: Opposing Islamic University in Uganda Mandatory Pregnancy Testing for University Students

Kampala, 21/09/2023 – In response to social media posts on a Notice from IUIU requiring mandatory pregnancy testing for female students in their university, The Women’s Probono Initiative (WPI), strongly advocates against such a policy. This press release aims to shed light on the potential consequences and ethical concerns associated with mandatory pregnancy testing and emphasizes the importance of upholding personal rights and privacy.

At the WPI, we firmly believe that every individual, including female university students, should have the right to privacy and bodily autonomy. The introduction of mandatory pregnancy testing would be an invasive and unnecessary infringement upon these fundamental rights, placing an undue burden on female students and compromising their personal dignity.

First and foremost, mandatory pregnancy testing violates the principle of informed consent. It is essential to recognize that the decision to undergo a pregnancy test should solely rest with the individual. Forcing students to undergo such tests without their consent undermines their agency and disregards their right to make personal choices regarding their own bodies.

Moreover, subjecting students to mandatory pregnancy testing perpetuates harmful stereotypes and assumptions. It presupposes that all female students are sexually active and potentially pregnant, thus reinforcing outdated notions of morality and stigmatizing those who may not conform to societal expectations. This policy fails to address the diverse circumstances and experiences of students and may lead to discrimination and marginalization.

Additionally, mandatory pregnancy testing can have severe implications for students’ emotional well-being. The mere act of being compelled to undergo such testing can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, and embarrassment. Universities should be fostering environments that prioritize the holistic well-being of their students, including mental health, rather than introducing policies that may exacerbate existing challenges.

We firmly believe that IUIU and all universities should focus on promoting comprehensive sexual education, accessible reproductive healthcare, and support systems for students, rather than mandating pregnancy testing. By providing students with the necessary tools, information, and resources, we can empower them to make informed choices regarding their reproductive health, while respecting their autonomy.


In conclusion, the WPI urges universities and policymakers to reject the implementation of mandatory pregnancy testing for students. We advocate for a culture that respects personal rights, promotes inclusivity, and prioritizes the overall well-being of every student. Let us work together to create an environment that upholds dignity, autonomy, and the principles of individual freedom.

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Press Statement On IUIU Mandatory Pregnancy Tests

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